“I Can’t Dance!”- The Creativity Wound

February 16, 2010

Feeling sad tonight….

Why have we become so wounded in our creativity? I am so tired of hearing, “I can’t dance.” Maybe because we watch shows like “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance?” Panels of people judging you publicly….Humanity’s been dancing since the dawn of time…how did we get so estranged from this?  The title should be, “So you think you CAN’T dance?!”

… And they keep taking funds away from art programs at school. It’s only creative minds that are going to be able to tackle challenges with an “out of the box” approach.

So I feel sad… people have bought some lie someone gave them in their youth about not being good at art, music or dance. And they never seek to disprove what their fifth grade teacher told them! It is such a deep wound that isn’t given much attention… it only has to do with creativity after all. So what if you are no good at art or dance?

The problem is that we are all so infinitely creative! I guess that’s what I love so much about ecstatic dance… total space to just be who you are… get weird and no one cares. What freedom! That’s what the powers that be are afraid of…free spirits…harder to control.

Thing is… we have that freedom available to us every moment… you don’t need a dance floor  for that… just give yourself permission and please, can we explore the myth that we lack talent?!



  1. It makes me so sad to think of all of the creative energy and inspiration that is never tapped into, never explored, and completely shut down because how we want to express ourselves doesn’t fall into a prescribed, acceptable mode of expression.

    Reading your post made me think of how I didn’t dance for 30 years because when I was a little girl I was told I was too fat for ballet. I was 6 and had the desire to dance, and it was closed off for me, and then I allowed that belief to continue into my adult life.

    I think it’s also tied to not being special – these artistic worlds are created where only a limited number of people are allowed to shine, and the rest of the world is judged by a set of standards that is not only based on a perceived right/wrong good/bad viewpoint, but ends up excluding almost everyone. Imagine how different it would be if we took 6 year old to Ecstatic Dance! It is life-changing.

  2. Had to share what Angela wrote in another email… very funny and poignant!…

    “I think that “So you think you CAN’T dance” was absolutely brilliant!!!!!! I immediately had this image come to me of people dancing, and then facing a panel like they do on that horrid show, except it’s the posse and they just tell whoever is dancing how awesome they are……”like, when you started drooling, and then you slipped in your own drool and sweat, that was awesome….so inspiring….”

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