Ecstatic Trance Dance Journey- Sharing my new iMix on iTunes

February 18, 2010

I am so excited!

Just published my first iMix on iTunes called,”Ecstatic Trance Dance Journey.” There is so much amazing music out there. I have been so grateful to others who have compiled great music playlists on iMix. So many fantastic introductions to artists I would have probably never stumbled upon on my own. Sharing the love people! Really, that is what it’s all about! And there’s a lot of super mediocre stuff as well so it helps when someone points out the gems.

Journey music is a very particular genre… music that takes you into trance, takes you inside. It’s personal of course, but the music I ┬áchose has been tested on the dance floor. Check it out! And publish your own iMix..it’s easy and fun! Great music needs to be shared. Especially when it communicates to your deepest soul.

A great big thanks to all these brilliant musicians and composers…. Jami Seiber, Peter Jones, Byron Metcalf, Gabrielle Roth, John de Kadt, Glen Velez, Beth Quist to name a few. They have gone where few have dared.



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