Stoked! Seeing my First Article Published on Dance!

February 28, 2010

Great way to wake up on a Sunday morning! You article has been published!

…Especially after having to evacuate  yesterday morning with the threat of a tsunami blowing the house away here in Honolulu. Thank God we could all start our day peacefully enjoying our coffees, teas and cozy moments in bed…. my thoughts go out to those folks much less fortunate in Chile and Haiti. Hawaii could have been another insane disaster news reel today… the precariousness of life.

All the more reason to dance and learn to embrace change and let go on a cellular level. That’s what I hope to convey in the Ezine article that was recently published. It was a challenge to write a “How To”  type of article on ecstatic dance. But there are actually practical tips on deepening that sense of let go and surrender in dance that speak to every body.

I hope this article can serve you more deeply open… not only in dance but in your every day life. It really is about meditation in motion… come to think of it… that is the invitation of EVERY MOMENT in our lives…be here now. Dance is just a super fun way to remember this present moment. Can’t really think about the grocery list if you are skipping madly through the room! Multi-tasking is an unfortunate habit…. just skip!



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