Rocking the Cradle: Getting into Your Hips! Oh Yeah Baby!

March 2, 2010

Juicy sweeping curves, shaking booties, undulating spines, tail-wagging hot mama YUM…

…all this sensuous gloriousness released when we were invited to focus on our hips this Sunday at ecstatic dance. At least for the women. It was really interesting to notice how challenging this seemed for most of the guys. Granted, women’s bodies are certainly more attuned to curvaciousness. Yet, this rift felt way deeper than the physical. All the women were loving to playfully seduce each other with their hips, even rub butts, rocking together in synchronized rhythm. I could tell the guys were feeling pretty left out of all this hot action… odd thing was that they weren’t trying to get a piece of it! Instead, they retreated into the corners, trying not to stare and feel like voyeurs. Having proper sexual boundaries on the dance floor needs to be honored. Somewhere though, I couldn’t help wishing for the men to be able to access their own juiciness more and share it. Women in their power may be freaking guys out…the dance floor mirroring the current state of affairs???

Personally, getting into our hips was so delicious!  Rocking that cradle, being at the center of our bodies, the whole gets set into motion just to stay in balance with your feet on the ground. Everything becomes curves… oceanic, planets in orbit, round and soft. The spine frees up and that pulls the head into release… pure pleasure. I highly recommend giving your hips full attention in a dance session. It’s also very grounding just being aware of that lower part of your body and sinking into it; your knees naturally have to bend to allow motion bringing your center of gravity closer to the earth. Tying scarves around our hips enhanced the dance as well.

Releasing the hips in a back and forth motion felt challenging to most, perhaps because it’s so sexual. It also depends on the looseness of the lower back. I certainly felt pretty stiff there and was grateful to consciously work that area while dancing. I had images of African dancers undulating, amazing dancers I’ve seen on MTV videos who can vibrate their back side like bumblebees, taunting my sorry white butt. Great inspiration for the creative possibilities of hips!

It’s also an area that has a lot of emotion stored in it. So if you try this out at home or on the dance floor, be tender with yourself. Negative sexual experiences are locked in there. And deep, primal fear… when we get really scared, our back sides tense up…our sphincters close…we are ready to flee. So bringing loving attention to gently opening up the hips is extremely therapeutic…. just stay tender with it.

And above all, have FUN rocking your cradle! Oh yeah baby!


One comment

  1. I wish I would have been there! Playing with hip action is one of my absolute favorite things to do! The most amazing thing I find is, as soon as I release into allowing myself to really get into letting this area of my body move freely, I suddenly feel great about myself. I feel voluptuous, sexy, powerful, young, and happy, even if just the second before I was feeling fat, self-conscious, ugly, or down. You should teach a class especially for men to get in touch with their hips – I bet it would be very VERY interesting what came out of it!

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