Enjoying Emotion Dancing Through me… Just Like a Baby

March 7, 2010

It’s just energy…. emotions are just energy… we have labelled them as “pleasant” or “to be avoided… especially in public places” and  “scary.”

Anger has a particularly bad wrap .While  it’s not cool when abusive, anger can be such a gloriously passionate and alive sensation… dare I say, even sexy. Hang out with a baby… they have no judgments on their emotions… it’s all happening… going from crying, to peaceful, to laughing, to anxious, to sleep all within the space of a minute sometimes. Babies are perfectly at ease with the flow of emotion. We are the ones who have socialized them into “appropriate” and “not appropriate.” Then, we freak out if we are in the grip of a less than pleasant feeling because somewhere we  have been given the message that it’s not OK and we need to get rid of it, get over it, get through it… and fast.

Friday at ecstatic dance, we danced letting ourselves get overwhelmed by emotion and then coming back to center. A challenge for most which led me to wonder about how restricted we’ve become with our rich emotional spectrum. Try to convince reasonable adults that having a tantrum and getting hysterical could be fun… couple that with a thrashing tune like Seether singing “Truth”…. it helps having a sense of humor about one’s self. We’ve also lost touch with just letting ourselves get stupid and  cracking ourselves up. Ask a kid to act like they were having a melt down and I’d bet they’d be rolling on the ground, stomping their legs and fists, screaming and finally collapse into fits of laughter.

I have a friend who’s really gotten into a “Baseball Bat Meditation” as she calls it. She sets aside some time every week to go smash the dickens out of a pile of pillows with a plastic bat and scream her head off. She claims it has changed her into a much happier person. I love it!  Give it a whirl!

Throw on your headphones and crank some Nirvana, death metal… whatever  gets you  into the energy of a rebellious teenage youth… and just get wild. Enjoy dancing that raw energy! Shock your inner parent.  Let emotion dance through you as easily as it does in babies and keep letting go of judgments. It’s just energy. Crack yourself up with how badly you can behave…. maybe if we did this more often, we wouldn’t have to go blowing other people up!


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