Dance of Desire: The Sacral Chakra

April 20, 2010

Chocolate. Silky sheets against my skin. Cat fur. Wine. Moaning…nervous giggles erupted on that one followed by many heads nodding in agreement. Smiles were lighting up the room: everyone was starting to purr.

We were dancing the energy of the second or sacral chakra that night and we began with a round of sharing on what we personally deemed as “sensual”  for all five senses: touch, smell, sound, taste, sight. Talking about pleasure instantaneously made everyone happy… next time you feel blue, just start thinking or writing about YUM and watch how magically your energy shifts. There was an air of complicity as well, people leaning forward into the circle as if to speak of deep pleasure, it had to be whispered, a secret. What did you dare reveal as sensual, something so intimate… could you really tell that to people you only met last week? Observing this, I clued into the subterranean layer of guilt or shame that can  rob us from fully claiming the ecstasy of pleasure for ourselves.

Reclaiming our birthright to be sensual and sexual creatures was one of the focuses for the dance. That and intimacy, dancing with the Other. It was a luscious session: people rolling on the floor, connecting skin to skin, eyes half closed reveling in the soft undulations of their own bodies. It wouldn’t have happened unless we were invited to go there though. When encouraged, everyone was delighted to dive in….and how!

The tendency to keep our sexuality under wraps warrants some exploration. There’s a jungle of morality and societal conditioning to wade through… let’s face it, most of us receive messages from an early age that “too much” pleasure is not OK, if it’s even OK at all. As babies, we all start out in the ever-nurturing, warm womb and as newborns, all we do basically is respond to and bask in pleasure. Then society’s judgment casts us from Eden with “proper” behavior and ecstasy gets put away in a dark closet, emerging only when it’s safe. But we might not even fully be able to enjoy our “stolen” moments of pleasure due to the twinges of guilt and shame that are not even our own!!!

The “safe” part is the key here. People are so amazingly powerful when they are in their sexual energy, part ferocious animal, part divinity. I noticed in my own dances with others that after X amount of time, I pulled away feeling like I could only handle so much of their blindingly beautiful glory.  It was a certain shyness inside that felt like it was not OK to behold so much power for too long or get too wild with it. Boundaries… which need to be in place but have deeply crippled our vitality as well. We need to reclaim this wild animal god/goddess to empower all that we do.

It starts with saying YES to our sensuality. While taking a shower, really get into feeling the warm water penetrating your skin, smelling your shampoo, watching the rainbows in the water drops refracted in the light, sliding the soap on yourself. Too often we jump into the shower thinking about what we need to accomplish that day, rushing through it so we can get on with it.  We miss the joy of this moment. Think how much more relaxed and happy you could be by simply taking the time to enjoy your shower or your food or smelling the roses!

Loving ourselves in this way is not shameful or indulgent. Shame and guilt disempower us, making us shrink and fear our own true nature, turning ourselves against ourselves in a futile war. Time to bring ecstasy out of the closet and share ourselves in our mighty glory! Allow way more YUM into your life; you deserve it!

“Ecstasy is our very nature; not to be ecstatic is simply unnecessary. To be ecstatic is natural, spontaneous. It needs no effort to be ecstatic, it needs great effort to be miserable. That’s why you look so tired, because misery is really hard work; to maintain. It is really difficult because you are doing something against nature.” ~ Osho

“Sexuality is a life force. It is a force too often denied or perverted, and being robbed of our pleasure, we are robbed of our power. When we lose our desire, we lose our will. Power and will are attributes of the next chakra, and pleasure and desire are their seed. Sexuality is the flower of that seed. Power and will are its fruits.”  ~ Anodea Judith


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