Go ahead, dance like no one’s watching

January 29, 2015

Thank you for the great article and photos from our 5Rhythms dance sessions in Honolulu.


5 rhythms 6


Whether it’s a prom, wedding or a night out with friends, there’s always one wallflower in the bunch with the classic excuse, “I can’t dance.” I used to believe them. In fact, I’m probably guilty of using it in a few instances when I just didn’t feel like dancing.

But now that I have kids, I know this simply isn’t true. After watching my kids grow up and interact with others, I’m convinced there is a natural response to music that is embedded in all of us. Crank up the speakers with any pop tune and kids will start moving.

So how do some become that wallflower? Life. Schoolyard bullying, harsh criticism and even success can all contribute to a disconnect between ourselves and our bodies. Fortunately, a moving meditation practice called “5 Rhythms” is helping individuals discover themselves by dancing like no one is watching.

5 rhythms 1Instructor Heeraa Katia…

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