I fell in love with dance at the age of five when I first started lessons at the San Francisco Ballet School. My teacher was so joyous and everyone got to become seeds that grew into flowers, trees and animals, not to mention running around the room flying!

Totally passionate for being in theater productions as a teen, this love would carry me to different corners of the earth and also encouraged me to keep dancing… jazz, tap, ballet. I earned my BA at UCLA in Theater Arts.

While living in Paris, France during my junior university year, I witnessed the most brilliant theater of my life. The director, Ariane Mnouchkine of Theatre du Soleil, produced exquisite renditions of Shakespeare’s ‘Henry IV” and “Twelfth Night” blending Kabuki and Kathakali in the plays. This inspired me to study traditional theater techniques in Kyoto, Japan in 1984 with a view to creating East-West theater productions. Japan became home  for seven years where I studied Noh, Nihon Buyo and Kyogen; all forms were danced.

When I arrived in Kyoto, I befriended some lovely Japanese women who spent winters in Goa, India. They invited me to travel to India the winter of 1986….a serendipitous, happy accident that changed my life. Fifteen winters were spent in Goa dancing under the full moon and palm trees on the beach. Here I fortunately met a devote of Osho which led to luscious life at the ashram in Pune, India for six years.

At the Osho Commune, I participated in and staffed many meditation retreats, therapies and transformational workshops. Dance  and music were an integral part of many meditations there. Dance and silence… perfect mix.

Upon return to California in 1997, I began dancing at The Moving Center School, a hub for the shamanic, healing dance practice of Gabrielle Roth. Here again, dance became a transformational path, a meditation, a catharsis, a deep mirror of the soul. I have participated in Gabrielle and her teachers’ workshops and classes with utter gratitude and continue to do so whenever possible.

My current love story, with the boy next door since I was thirteen (but didn’t get to kiss for 25 years!) , brings me to live in Honolulu, Hawaii and Sun Valley, Idaho. I began facilitating ecstatic dance in Sun Valley seven years ago and have since focused my work in Honolulu, Hawaii with three weekly sessions. I blend my theater, meditation, emotional release and dance knowledge into my own unique blend of let go.

Ecstatic dance has transformed my life so I feel deeply compelled to share it. It is my total passion. I hope that my observations, tips, music links, etc. can serve your own practice or entice you to start dancing as if no one is watching!

Free form dance is a challenge to write about! Best put into motion. May my words inspire you to get up on your feet and DANCE!




  1. Heeraa!!!! Oh my oh my oh my. I am moved, touched, excited, impressed, connected. I have just spent about half an hour with you, on your blog, which I hadn’t done before. It was one thing to sit with you over coffee and hear about it. It’s entirely another to delve into your heart, your rich words, your so beautifully expressed stories to understand you and your dance on an entirely different level. Wow! The mom and daughter, the woman in orange, the description of winter, both now and when you were a child, the brief connection with an old friend, the artist who wrote you…. it’s a world you’re creating out there, so authentic, so refreshing, so inspiring. I was even reminded to embrace the rawness and openness of my baby– who is present every single moment of the day. Thank you thank you thank you, and keep writing, soul sister. You are beautiful, and you have clearly found your passion. I am sending you tons of love!!! So glad you got to dance on Easter in the Bay Area. Hooray. I can hear your laugh in my ears…

  2. I feel very much like you do about dancing. Have done Dances of Universal Peace in Colorado since 1991. I enjoy your writing style and have signed up for your email.


    Marsha in Denver

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