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Dialogue Between Dancer & Musician: Letters with Tom Rossi

March 13, 2010

A few weeks ago, I was stunned to find an email from a musician, Tom Rossi, whose music I love, in my Inbox…. all the way from NY, NY. This has been such an affirming experience in many ways so I’d love to share that.

This is what he wrote:

“I noticed on an iTunes iMix that you incorporate some of my music in your ecstatic dancing. Just wanted to make the connect and say I’m honored. Give me a holler on my Facebook page: and check out my site for more music that might be helpful to what you’re doing.”

Wow! How incredible…. firstly, that someone  actually took the time to say, “Thank you”… a lost art that desperately needs a comeback. So simple and yet so wonderful to receive. …And that someone was actually paying attention to something I had published on iTunes where there are nearly two million iMixes! But thanks to everyone who voted to give “Ecstatic Trance Dance Journey” five stars, the playlist appears as “Top-Rated  iMix” for many of the artists I chose to share. That makes me so happy!  There are some amazing artists out there that need to be heard and journeyed with. The idea of perhaps making a difference in someone’s life… the artist’s, the person who bought the music, those who listened to it… this web of connection flooded my being with joy. Moral of that story, someone is listening… so go ahead, share your passion, your heart….so what if there are gazillions of videos and blogs… you have something to give… you never know! Not in a needing to be famous sort of way but bringing more light and love on the planet and sharing it.

So I wrote back to Tom thanking him for his music… and an incredible dialogue unfolded.

“Thank you, Heeraa! I would love to know which of the tunes stand out as helpful for what you do and how you use them. Any feedback on how the music serves functionally and other ways, would be invaluable…Aloha Tom.”

Gulp….This guy is an incredible musician. He plays music for hospice patients in Brooklyn. What lucky souls to spend their last days being serenaded by live divine music. May this serve to inspire others to equal acts of giving, especially to the dying. It’s time we reclaimed death as a sacred experience, a pinnacle of one’s life, a momentous occasion for celebration! We all deserve to be serenaded at the end not left forgotten in impersonal, sterile environments.

I’m touched… he’s asking my opinion. And actually, I have some thoughts to share as I have watched how his music has opened the hearts and souls of many dancers…. never fails to….so I reflected about what quality in his music consistently moved people.

I wrote back: “Thanks for asking for my feedback regarding what moves the dancers here in Hawaii. My turn to feel honored. Hard to translate in words though but I’ll give it a shot.

Salma Har is the sure fire #1 hit that opens people’s heart and wings. The repetition of the voices, the beat… always get the whole room skipping and smiling! It’s very celebratory. And as in all your music, there’s a quiet space to exhale and drop in. Perfect balance of surprising twists and turns and familiar chorus. The piece also builds towards a crescendo so there’s a progression that bodies fall in tune with.

The lengths of your tracks help as they allow people to get tranced out. The lack of lyrics also creates more spaciousness while the vocals keep it human. Also the long continual vocal tone, so signature in your work, invites inhale and then exhale…. long, deep ones. Breath unlocks the emotions so the music naturally takes you there.

Tierra di Siena has a great swelling orchestral feeling… ah, as I write, I am getting a new hit… emotional…. that’s what grabs people. Your music is very heart- filled. So when the music swells, ebbs and flows, like in Tierra di Siena, Salma Har, Resolutions, particularly, so too does the heart. Moonflower and D Meditation are great meditational tracks. There is spaciousness in them and YES. How’s that for trying to translate bodies into words?”

And Tom answered: “Thank you for the great feedback, Heeraa! Really excellent. Really helpful. I have lots of unpublished music that I’m in the process of finishing, so it is great to know what has been working for folks out in the real world. This is all good confirmation of some of my intuitions about the music and which ones really achieve the alchemy I was going for.”

What a wonderful exchange! It left me feeling so enriched and grateful. The sense that we are all co-creating higher consciousness: the musician, The DJ, the dancers, that we all need each other, no one more or less important than the other is huge. Sharing the love people!

Finally a word from Tom to all of us in Hawaii via Facebook:

“Aloha, ecstatic dancers. Honored to be a part of your deep groovin’ even though I’m 4894 miles away.”

But right here in our hearts… Aloha!


Dance Can Heal the Planet – One Tribe World-Wide!

March 9, 2010

The soundtrack to this blog is “Amazing” by One eskimO. I kept singing “It’s amazing!” as I was hiking alone up Koko Crater, this ancient volcano that is surrounded 180 degrees by the ocean… had the whole place to myself, a rarity in Honolulu! The distinct sensation of being on a little pebble in the middle of the great Pacific overwhelms you in this place. A week ago, I had hiked up here to watch the possible tsunami wipe out the neighborhood and had visions of the Coast Guard coming to rescue us in rafts because Koko Head had become an island.

And yet, I stood at the top of this hill looking out across the ocean and back at the city feeling infinitely connected with this amazing dance family tribe around the world. This feeling included all our ancestors who have danced since time immemorial. I actually felt their spirits lifting my arms while I sang, “It’s amazing!” flying down the hill.

Serendipitously, I stumbled upon a website for  Conscious Dance Deejays a few days ago… a group of nearly one hundred souls world-wide who play music for ecstatic dance and other conscious movement gatherings. Yes people, a conscious dance DJ collective that shares music amongst facilitators to raise the positive vibration of people grooving on this globe. Gives one tremendous hope, seriously. It reinforces my total belief that dancing as an open-hearted community can heal the planet. On any given day of the week, somewhere there’s a group of people pouring their souls onto the dance floor, healing any sense of separation through the act of melting with one’s self and others in truth, in rawness, in innocence, in bliss, in playfulness, in depth, in meditation. That collective YES to life fully embodied is a powerful, positive vibration. And this celebration is growing… more and more dances are springing to life. One world tribe connected by our souls freed in dance. And praise to the internet for  providing this forum for connection and information. Total gratitude.  It’s amazing!

“True celebration should come from your life, in your life. And true celebration cannot be according to the calendar, that on the first of November you will celebrate. Strange, the whole year you are miserable and on the first of November suddenly you come out of misery, dancing. Either the misery was false or the first of November is false; both cannot be true. And once the first of November is gone, you are back in your dark hole, everybody in his misery, everybody in his anxiety. Life should be a continuous celebration, a festival of lights the whole year round. Only then you can grow up, you can blossom. Transform small things into celebration.” – Osho