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Permission Granted: Dancing our Insanity

August 4, 2010

“Permission granted.”  With one wave of the magic wand, the dancers zealously transformed into lunatics. As I was searching for an image to illustrate this piece, it suddenly occurred to me that I felt like a fairy godmother bestowing everyone with mysterious powers and that I needed a photo of a magic touch.The “big hair” theme emerged from the choices offered… a delightful happenstance that caught my creative whim…had to do it… too good. Hysterical. Perfect for paying homage to the creative genius unleashed when the dancers were invited to explore their insanity.

This dance was dedicated to the Tarot card of the Tower. The Talking Heads tune “Burning Down the House” kept running through my brains, egging me onto dismantling our fundamental structures, our castles in the sand. What could be more undone than lunacy? Whether we care to admit it or not, I’m sure every one of us has had moments when we perceive our own manic-ness. Rather than sweep that under the carpet, why not expose it and give it space, giving ourselves the chance to embrace that as a part of our wholeness? Frankly, I feel we are all on the edge of “reason” whatever that even means… allowing insanity can be pretty darn funny and wildly creative.

What is fascinating and a bit sad perhaps is that generally, permission needs to be granted to go to places that are “dark,” “crazy,” “sexual.” People usually don’t go there of their own accord. An invitation by a “leader” however, is met inevitably with great enthusiasm. Curious. What I am finding is that there are such amazing gifts to be discovered in going “there.” I write this to dare us all to give ourselves permission. Invite ourselves to our own party. Truly, what are we waiting for?!

Observing everyone dancing out their madness, people moved in ways I had never seen them express themselves in several years of dedicated practice. Sometimes the driving beat was categorically ignored taking dancing to the beat of one’s own drummer to another level. Voices engaged in wild expression. Rampant creativity  and total presence were never more palpable. Most of all, people were having tons of fun. We get to be whackos every day when we are kids, spinning ourselves out on our own delirium. How ever do we lose touch with cracking ourselves up on our own bellybuttons and drool? Note to Self…

When we shared our experiences after the session, someone felt that it was more exhausting to dance madness. My take on this is that you had to actually be more present in order to embody this state. You couldn’t just trance out or dance on automatic. Your imagination responding to the music and to the people in the room was full tilt boogie. Not that it isn’t otherwise but the invitation to dance crazy evoked a super fresh response. Most people agreed that they had discovered ways of moving they could never before have imagined.

I guess that’s my longing here, that this may inspire you to dance and live outside your box, to be your own invitation to creative adventure, to see your “madness” as your genius. The only permission needed is your own. You are truly the master of the magic wand.